Two men and one woman sitting at a table in a private jet, using tablets and a laptop connected with WiFi for private aircraft

Connect without compromise and without speed limits

It’s business as usual with Viasat’s connectivity for business aviation and private jet Wi-Fi.


Our game-changing connectivity delivers real-time information to passengers and crew while in flight. Viasat brings powerful and high-performing internet service without speed limits on our Ka-band solution to offer an unrivaled in-flight connectivity experience on private jets. 功能包括:

  • Video conference, browse, stream, email, VPN, and access business applications – in near real time.
  • Virtually connect with colleagues, business teams, family, and friends – wherever you are in the air.
  • Watch your favorite movies and shows, stream live sports and other events, listen to music – all at the same time.
空气plane technician wearing noise-cancelling headphones and a blue uniform looking at a device, 站在飞机旁边

Viasat’s solutions ensure your executives get the best in-flight Wi-Fi connectivity and entertainment from departure to destination to stay connected, 富有成效的 and entertained.

Male business traveler with a laptop bag on his shoulder is looking at his smartpone while walking up the stps of a private jet
Management companies, and charter or fractional operators

With Viasat’s high-performing in-flight Wi-Fi, travelers enjoy connectivity without interruption, building customer loyalty and increasing revenue opportunities.

Smiling man sitting in a private jet wtih private jet internet, dressed in a blue button up shirt looking at a tablet
Principal, owner, corporate executive

Viasat delivers the bandwidth you need to stay available, 富有成效的, and entertained in-flight with high-speed private jet internet, just as you would experience in the office.

Flat map of the world demonstrating Viasat's current and future Ku and Ka coverage, coverage approximate and subject to change

3 ultra-high-capacity satellites will cover much of the globe

与ViaSat-3, Viasat has the potential to become the world’s first global broadband service provider. The ViaSat-3 Ka-band trio is slated to deliver industry-leading boosts to residential services and video streaming for commercial airlines, 商用飞机, and high-value government transport. ViaSat-3 coverage will include North and South America, 欧洲, Africa, and Asia Pacific.

·速度:100+ Mbps

·       Capacity: Each satellite is anticipated to be at least 1 Terabit per second, Tbps

Experience capacity unleashed

How does Viasat provide connectivity that meets the big demands of today's world on the move? It's all about delivering capacity when and where it's needed most. Take a 关闭r look with Viasat's interactive application, Capacity Unleashed.


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